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Did you know that every two seconds, someone's identity is stolen?  Last year, 13.1 million Americans were victims of identity theft.  Identity theft, investment fraud, and other scams cost Americans $18 billion last year--a figure that is much too high.  To help outsmart con artists before they steal your hard-earned money, join the AARP Fraud Watch Network as a go-to resource.  Anyone of any age can access our information and tools are free of charge.

The Fraud Watch Network gives you access to:

  • The latest breaking scam alerts, delivered right to your inbox;
  • A scam-tracking map featuring warnings from law enforcement and people in your state who are sharing their experiences so you'll know what to watch out for;
  • The Con Artists Playbook--a handbook of interviews with con artists who reveal how they steal your money;
  • A phone number you can call to talk to volunteers trained in how to spot and report fraud.


Watchdog alerts, tips, and resources are free for everyone!  Learn more at  The Fraud Fighter Call Center number is 1-877-908-3360.

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