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Hardworking Virginians should have health care when they need it

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A family of three making just $6,000 a year doesn't qualify for Medicaid. Individuals 50-to 64-year-old (without dependent children) do not qualify for Medicaid regardless of income.   Many Virginians living in poverty do not qualify for Medicaid and cannot afford private health care insurance --even with the subsidies that will be offered through the health benefits exchange.Expanding Medicaid will help older Virginians who have lost their jobs or are in jobs without health benefits get affordable care. It will provide coverage for hardworking people who’ve paid in all their lives but are now struggling to make ends meet. Over 62,000 Virginians ages 50-64 would have access to health care coverage if Medicaid is expanded in our state.The time to take action is now!  Call 1-800-211-0914 and tell your state Senator to support the budget amendment to change the Medicaid income guidelines.  You can also send an email to your legislator.
Expanding Medicaid in Virginia to 133 percent of the Federal Poverty level will:
  • help the working poor afford the care they need.   They've worked hard all of their lives, but live in poverty.
  • choose the fiscally responsible path for Virginia. The Affordable Care Act provides 100% funding for the first three years and then no less than 90% in the outlying years for 400,000 individuals.
  • keep healthcare affordable for all. If Virginia fails to expand Medicaid hospitals that serve the uninsured will lose more money. Private health insurance premiums will rise if fewer people are in the insurance risk pool.
  • boost Virginia’s economy. Over a ten year period, Virginia would receive over $20 billion in federal funding which would support an estimated 30,000 jobs in Virginia.

Tell Virginia's General Assembly to do the right thing:  expand Medicaid.  Help 400,000 low income Virginians get the care they need and boost Virginia’s economy.

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