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Fraud Watch Wednesdays Series - 2022 Summary

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If you’ve ever wondered how scammers operate and what you can do to protect yourself, then check out our Fraud Watch Wednesday webinar series. The list below features all the topics we covered in 2022, along with links to a more detailed summary & a recording of the webinar.

Guest: Ingrid Kundinger, Senior Medicare Patrol

Medicare Fraud results in billions of dollars of losses every year, and can be detrimental for beneficiaries. We talked with Ingrid Kundinger from the Senior Medicare Patrol about how to spot and avoid Medicare Fraud.

Read more about Senior Medicare Patrol and watch a recording of this session here.

Guest: Michelle Reinen, WI Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP)

Scammers will impersonate anyone from your loved ones to government agencies in order to get your money and personal information. Michelle Reinen from DATCP talked with us about these Imposter scams, how to spot them, and what to do if you encounter one.

Read more and watch a recording of the session here.

Guest: Robin Jacobs, Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)

The phone rings, and a friendly, energetic-sounding stranger is on the line asking if you have a minute to learn how to triple your money in just six months by investing in gold and silver mines. Or maybe you get an email urging you to buy shares of a company whose stock price is sure to go through the roof. It sounds too good to be true — because it is too good to be true. 

Read more and watch a recording of the session here.

Guest: Liz Buser, AARP Fraud Watch Network

If you've been targeted by scams or fraud, you are not alone. AARP’s trained fraud specialists provide support and guidance on what to do next and how to avoid scams in the future. 
Liz Buser joins us to discuss the AARP Fraud Watch Helpline, and free support sessions, along with other resources available to everyone – whether they’re an AARP member or not.

Read more and watch a recording of the session here.

Guest: Michael Domke, Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP)

We've all gotten a call (or several) about "our car's extended warranty". These calls are frequent and they are frustrating.

Michael Domke of DATCP joins us to talk about Robocalls and what steps we can take to avoid them.

Read more and watch a recording of the session here.

Guest: Tiffany Bernhardt Schultz, Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin (BBB)

We are spending increasing amounts of our time online. With that comes a level of convenience, but it also provides con artists with more openings to try to collect our information and steal our money.

Tiffany Bernhardt Schultz from the BBB joins us to talk about Cybersecurity and give us tips for shopping online safely.

Read more and watch a recording of the session here.

Guest: Investigator Silvia Carrier, United Sates Postal Investigation Service (USPIS)

Scammers never take a break, and the holiday season presents plenty of opportunities for them to target people. And, with an increase in package delivery comes an increase in package theft....

Join us as we speak with the USPIS about holiday scams and how we can keep our deliveries safe.

Read more and watch a recording of the session here.

Guest: Lara Sutherlin, Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection

We looked back on the biggest scams of 2022 and talked about what we should be ready for as the new year starts.

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