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Back to Bach: Webinar Series Covers the Musician

Barry Wiesenfeld
Courtesy: <b>Barry Wiesenfeld</b>

NASA once approached a famous musicologist and said, “We’re planning to launch a rocket into deep space, and want to include a sample of the music of Earth. What would you suggest we send?”

He replied, “I would suggest the complete works of J.S. Bach...but that would be bragging.” - and how right he was.

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote the book (literally and figuratively) on how music works. He explored and refined chord progressions, harmony, form, and much of the music theory, we still use today, three hundred years later. Join us to learn about his world and some of his most monumental works!

AARP Wyoming is hosting a free three-part webinar called the three B’s of Music, Sept. 20, Sept. 27, and Oct. 4. The webinar series will hone in on what makes the music of the Beatles, Beethoven, and Bach so popular. The series is hosted by Barry Wiesenfeld, an internationally recognized award-winning musician, published author, and part of the music faculty of SUNY and Ramapo College. He has accompanied Grammy-, Tony - and RMI-winning artists, performed on three continents, and has played on numerous recordings, radio, and TV. To register for these webinars, click here.

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