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Livable Communities

According to AARP, “A walk audit is an activity in which participants observe and evaluate the walkability of a location to identify and document if and how pedestrians can safely travel along a street, navigate an intersection, and get from Point A to B and C and so on.”
Community Challenge Grants fund quick-action projects that help communities become more livable in the long-term by improving public spaces, transportation, housing, civic engagement, diversity and inclusion, and more.
For older adults living in nursing homes and senior living centers, much of their time inside is spent alone. Frequently, enjoying the simple pleasure of getting outside is physically challenging.
Previous Community Challenge grants have led to impressive results with nearly half of grantees leveraging their projects into additional funding support from private and public sector partners and eight-in-10 overcoming barriers and advancing change.
The Community Challenge Grant Program will support projects in Cheyenne and Casper.
Grant funding is available for those interested in applying for the competitive Community Challenge Grants.
This column originally ran in the Jan. 2022 edition of The AARP Wyoming News
The Wyoming Housing Network is asking for your opinion on availability and affordability of senior housing in Wyoming. WHN is a non-profit, based in Casper, which seeks to strengthen Wyoming communities by providing quality resources and opportunities for people to reach their housing goals.
A grant announcement for AARP awards in Evanston and Wheatland, Wyoming
AARP Wyoming invites community organizations and local governments across the state to apply for the 2021 Community Challenge grant program, now through April 14. Grants fund quick-action projects that can range from several hundred dollars for small, short-term activities to several thousand or tens of thousands for larger projects. Now in its fifth year, the grant program is part of AARP’s nationwide Livable Communities initiative, which supports the efforts of cities, towns, neighborhoods and rural areas to become great places to live for people of all ages.
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