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Alabama TheaterThe AARP Alabama state office opened in 2001, and since then, the volunteers and staff have been working to improve the lives of Alabamians age 50+ and their families through outreach, advocacy, and legislative activities. Those efforts are led by seven full-time staff members and a 10-member volunteer executive council who work with hundreds of dedicated volunteers throughout the state. Those volunteers, along with Alabama’s 450,000 AARP members, are the backbone of the organization and a driving force in every effort.

 Contact AARP Alabama toll-free at 866-542-8167, e-mail us at or visit us at 201 Monroe Street, Suite 1880, in Montgomery.

To contact a member of the staff directly, click on an e-mail address below.

Jesse Salinas, state director, (On special assignment as of 4/1/2014).

Candi Williams, interim state director (as of 4/1/2014), associate state director/outreach,

Lisa Billingsley, senior operations administrator,

Bill Hawkins, associate state director/advocacy outreach,

Anne Hails, associate state director/community outreach,

Anna Pritchett, associate state director/advocacy,

Jamie Harding, associate state director/communications, 


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mammaj 5pts

My Name is Judy  I had an accident on Wednesday Dec. 3, 2014 and your company assigned a young women to my account, and I have tried to contact her at least 2 two times since and had to leave a message, and she has not returned my calls. Other companies I have had did return my call on the same day. I Would appreciate a call. What I have to say is important and it concerns the safety of my care and the fact that the door was damaged will leak when it rains, and there is rain that is forecast today and tomorrow in my area. Please someone call me.

Thank you And have a blessed day. Sincerely Judy