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Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We can be reached via email at or toll-free at 866-448-3614.

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jm8869 5pts

When will we awake to the retiree discrimination designed into the utility tiered rate system?  Tiered rates are intended to encourage careful usage of power, but do not recognize the different status of those whose full day does not include leaving a home dormant for ten hours, while consuming power at a place of work.

It is NOT FAIR that the retired be penalized by their place of usage, determined usually by retirement policies of business and government.  Adjusting those discriminatory practices will result in reasonably lowered power bills for retired persons.  WHO will carry this issue to the PUC and beyond?

easynan 5pts

Has anyone brought up the fact that people living solely on Social Security can not afford a dentist? I always had dental insurance with my job, suddenly I'm in big trouble.

All seniors better be aware that Paul Ryan's Republican plan of privatizing Social Security means ending it and Medicare. I see seniors on TV joined with the Tea Party spewing hate against a black President but at the same time being totally unaware that two of those government plans they want to end is that check you live off each month and the medical attention you get. Rethink your stand.

pm5179 5pts

@easynan Not spewing hate.  This man is not a leader but a divider and has brought racism back.  Marthur Luther King is probably turning over in is grave.  He is out of touch and over stepping his office status.  He hates the constitution and does not follow it,  He should be impeached.