AARP TEK Continues to Increase Digital Literacy in Chicago

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Local Resources After a great 2014 Where We Met 2000 of You…   We will continue to offer the wildly  popular free AARP TEK Workshops in 2015 to help close the technology gap among people 50-plus. These workshops will be hosted in several cities across the nation, including Chicago and at AARP’s Life@50+ National Event in Miami on May 14–16. The workshops will include the familiar “Intro to Smartphones/Tablets,” and “Staying Connected with Social Media,” along with the new “Beyond the Basics: …

Backing Legislation to Help Caregivers

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Advocacy | Caregiving | Health & Wellbeing | Home & Family AARP Illinois is asking lawmakers to pass legislation that could give caregivers greater confidence in caring for a loved one after a hospital stay. The Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act would let each patient designate a family caregiver who would be notified before the patient is moved or discharged. The caregiver would be shown how to perform followup tasks needed at home, such as managing medications or dressing wounds. Similar legislation was introduced but did not come to a …

AARP Pushes for Passage of CARE Act in Illinois

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Caregiving Being a family caregiver is a major responsibility – a responsibility that over 2.4 million Illinoisans have unselfishly taken on to help ensure that their loved ones can live independently at home and avoid costly institutional settings.  AARP Illinois is advocating for the passage of a state law that will help give these family caregivers the resources and training they need to be able to continue to care for their loved ones following a hospital stay. The CARE Act (Caregiver …

Be Aware of Tax Identity Theft

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Health & Wellbeing | Money & Work | Uncategorized By: Deborah Banda Every two seconds, someone’s identity is stolen. And with tax season upon us, con artists are stealing Social Security numbers to file for fraudulent tax refunds. It’s a big problem. To date, the IRS has identified around 15 million false tax returns alone. For more information on the latest trends in tax identify theft, check out AARP’s Fraud Watch Network. And you can also view targeted information and a special video devoted to tax identity theft awareness …

Voting Rights 50 Years Later: Leaders Say the March to the Polls is Still Indispensable

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About AARP “Is it time to celebrate Selma, Alabama – and the triumph of the Voting Rights Act? Or is it time to mourn Shelby, Alabama – and the radical backlash against voting rights?”

Those are the questions raised by the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. as he declares the need for America to understand that “the struggle for equal rights must go on.”

Economic Empowerment: The Unfinished Business of Civil Rights

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Community National Urban League President/CEO Marc Morial, who last year hosted a conference themed, “Bridges to Jobs and Justice”, often stresses the need for poor people to have jobs as a key to economic empowerment and civil rights. Marcia Griffin, founder of Homefree USA, says home ownership is crucial to economic empowerment since “96 percent of African-American wealth is in our homes.” Michael Grant, president/CEO of the National Bankers Association, says the key to economic empowerment in the Black community is …