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Make the Most of Your 401K

401k - Nest Egg
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The guaranteed security of pensions has all but disappeared and you know you can’t count on Social Security alone to have the retirement you want. In today’s economic climate, we are more and more responsible for our own financial security in retirement.

401k plans have become one of the most common retirement savings options. The tax deferral, plan portability, potential employer matching contributions, and self-direction of investments make them a popular choice.

Because you choose where you will be investing your money when you enroll in the 401k, it is very important to choose wisely so as to get the greatest benefit.

AARP is here to help. Our money tools website gives you access to free, unbiased information and tools to calculate how much your 401k contributions and employer match will contribute toward your retirement savings goals. You’ll discover additional calculators, tip sheets, quizzes and more to guide you on your path to financial freedom.

After decades of hard work, AARP wants you to enjoy the financial independence and security you have earned.

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