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5 steps to Creating Your Life Reimagined Attitude

Guest Blogger: Sharon Lewis, AARP, Executive Council Member

Jane Pauley
Photo: © 2013 Winnie Au

The subject of Life Reimagined, What’s Next? and What am I Going to do When I Grow Up continues to experience increased levels of attention across the nation. Ironically, it is a conundrum for boomers and millennial alike as we try to find satisfaction in our work and in our work: life balance!

TV anchors Jane Pauley and Tom Brokaw spoke at 92nd Street Y in New York City recently. The discussion focused on the boomer generation and those who at aged 50 and older are finding new directions in their pursuits: Directions that are fulfilling and accomplished.  Jane Pauley is also the Your Life Calling Ambassador for AARP’s Life Reimagined program. Having the opportunity to be in the audience, allowed me to reflect on my own discovery process and to define 5 key take-aways to a Life Reimagined Attitude.

  1. Just Say Yes

Do you get your ducks in order or put your ducks in the water? Just do something, as a previous Nike ad campaign promoted. Ambiguity and insecurity are facts of life. Just say “Yes”.

2. Small Changes can have a Huge Impact

Can I do something just a little bit different so as to allow me to continue leading my selfish life or Do I have to help those in third world countries? (Concept asked by Tom Brokaw)

  • When the individual known for throwing wonderful parties and being a fabulous cook starts a catering company – this would seem to be a variation on a previous career
  • A minister who moves from a large congregational setting to the ministry for the US armed forces in Iraq might be a conceptual example of combining current career and social purpose.

Back to advice point #1: Just say yes; do not allow analyses paralysis to prevail.

3. A hobby can be anything that you like to do

“What is a hobby?” says the workaholic. “What is a hobby” says the career-focused mom. What if I never developed any hobbies or secondary passions that I can move into my What’s Next Life Into? (Concept asked by Jane Pauley)

My personal response is “Ditto - I hear ya, sister”. As such, I am more often practicing the first rule of the list: “Just Say Yes”

4. One need not Save the World - One Just Need to Enjoy the Adventure to ……whatever

More than anything, this one is the attitude adjustment advice! A recent article in Fast Company called You are Only as Busy as You Think You Are spoke to how one can create their own bits of evidence to substantiate any feeling or belief. Hence find positive bits of evidence and you will find you can completely change the way you see the world.  We can often make ourselves much happier and less stressed if we give ourselves permission to just enjoy the adventure

5. Break big goals into smaller, attainable short term goals. Consider Life Reimagined as “Your Life Emerging.

Here’s to the discovery process!

Life Reimagined for Work helps experienced professionals find jobs, manage their careers, start businesses and explore options through engaging articles and interactive tools. The LinkedIn group offers inspiration, support and insights from our dynamic community.”


Sharon Lewis is an integrated marketing communications strategist, guest blogger, AARP volunteer, and a member of the AARP Volunteer Leadership Institute. Her areas of expertise cover a wide range of industries–and business models. She lives in NYC. Follow Sharon on Twitter: @sharonlewisnyc


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