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AARP Analysis: Strong Turnout for 50+ Voters as Group is Poised to Dominate NYC Elections

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Assoc. Finds 75% of 50+ Voters Say They’ll Hit the Polls – 80% of Members Likely to Vote

NEW YORK, New York – An AARP analysis flies in the face of predictions of low voter turnout in New York City tomorrow, at least in regards to one group, voters age 50 and older. The voting bloc is a powerhouse in every local, state and national election – and, according to an AARP analysis of New York City voters, tomorrow’s elections will be no different, the predicted numbers, however, may surprise even the most astute of political observers.

Based on a recent survey by the Association, over 75% of 50+ voters in New York City say they’re very to extremely likely hit the polls tomorrow. Of AARP’s 743,000 members in New York City, 80% vote in big races, such as those for Mayor – meaning 594,400 indicate they’ll cast their ballots tomorrow.

“Everyone is pointing to a low turnout across the board; our numbers show the exact opposite for 50+ voters in New York City. There always tends to be some variation between what people say they’ll do on Election Day in a survey, and whether they actually vote – however, one thing is for certain, the 50+ vote and AARP members will be the group that selects the next Mayor, City Council members, Borough Presidents and all other offices on the ballot tomorrow,” said Beth Finkel, State Director for AARP in New York.  “While the 50+ vote is a force on Election Day, AARP members within the group are the uber-voter – we expect to see this in New York City tomorrow.”

AARP broke 50+ voter turnout down by borough, with the following reporting they are very to extremely likely to vote in the city wide elections:

  • 72% in the Bronx
  • 72% in Brooklyn
  • 84% in Manhattan
  • 74% in Queens
  • 72% in Staten Island

AARP members by borough and likely voter turnout:

AARP Members by Borough

Anticipated AARP Member Voting Turnout

Bronx: 99,607 79,686
Brooklyn: 182,646 146,116
Manhattan: 187,742 156,194
Queens: 206,127 164,902
Staten Island: 66,400 53,120

“We know the top of mind issues 50+ voters are carrying with them to the polls in New York City are those impacting their kitchen table economies,” added Finkel.

According to recent AARP research, 50+ voters in New York City are very concerned about age discrimination, being able to pay their rent and utility bills, and retirement.

For the first time, AARP has brought its massive voter engagement push to local elections in New York City, working to bring key issues to the attention of the Mayoral and City Council candidates in NYC, holding a series of debates, voter engagement efforts, and grassroots activities. The Association will be holding voter engagement activities across New York City tomorrow.

While AARP does not endorse candidates, have a PAC, or give money to campaigns or political parties, the non-partisan membership organization does provide straight-forward information on the issues to 50-plus voters, the media and the general public.

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