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AARP Creates Real Possibilities by Connecting You With Others

AARP New Jersey uses social media to provide its members with news and information that may be beneficial to them, as well as to provide members with an opportunity to speak their minds on issues that are important to them.

Get more social with your social media by becoming a part of the AARP New Jersey Facebook community. When you like us on Facebook, you’ll learn more about how AARP is fighting for the issues that are important to New Jerseyans. You’ll also discover upcoming local AARP-sponsored events and community resources and benefits that may be available to you right now. Most importantly, you’ll be able to connect with our AARP New Jersey staff, volunteers and members more directly and in a social and FUN way!

If you already are a fan of our Facebook page, how about taking it a step further and becoming a member of the AARP New Jersey Facebook Patrol? All it takes is doing what you already do. Visit Facebook, check out our page, comment on and share with your friends stories and posts from the same chair you are sitting in right now! To become a member of the Facebook Patrol, email for more information.




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