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AARP Florida and the City of Orlando Take on Fraud

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Each year millions of adults 50+ fall victim to fraud, especially in Florida – considered by many to be the worst hot spot in the nation for fraud-related crime.

Because AARP believes that one’s ability to protect oneself should not be limited by age, AARP Florida and the city of Orlando are joining forces for a Scam Jam event on Sunday, Oct. 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Englewood Neighborhood Center, to help educate older adults on how they can fight off fraud and stay protected. By learning information about how to safeguard against theft and fraud, you can protect yourself and your family.

“Florida ranks No. 1 in the nation for fraud and identity theft,” said Victoria Funes, AARP’s Florida Associate State Director. “Staying informed is the best way to ensure you and your loved ones are safe.”

AARP launched the Fraud Watch Network in 2013 to help protect adults 50+ from fraud and identity theft by providing them with tools to help arm themselves against the common tactics scam artists use to bilk millions of people each year out of billions of dollars. In 2012, more than $20 billion was stolen from roughly 13 million victims, and older adults have roughly $3 billion stolen from them each year.

During the Orlando Scam Jam session, participants will be given an inside look at how scammers think, how to safeguard against identity theft and fraud, and what to do if they or someone they know has fallen victim to a scam. Information about local resources and about AARP’s Fraud Watch Network will also be made available.

“The best thing you can do to protect yourself from fraud is to be prepared,” Funes said. “Planning for a crisis before it happens allows you to always be one step ahead of the game. It’s about taking responsibility and protecting yourself before it’s too late.”

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Register now to start protecting yourself and your family from fraud. While the event is open to the public, registration is required. To register: Go to or call toll-free 407-246-2571.

For more information about AARP’s Fraud Watch Network or for information on how to request a speaker from the Fraud Watch Network speaker’s bureau, visit

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