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AARP Secure Choice Telephone Town Hall With Senator Biss

Hello blog readers,  ICYMI (in case you missed it) here's a recording of our Telephone Town Hall with Senator Daniel Biss and AARP Executive Council Member Charles Johnson regarding the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program - SB2758 The Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program makes it easy for small businesses to provide a basic retirement savings option for their employees. Through voluntary retirement accounts, the program promotes self-reliance and empowers workers to save for their own retirement.

Senator Biss Teletown Hall
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The Senator took questions about the bill which just passed committee this morning. Now the bill which has passed the Senate goes to the full House, and if passed, would provide about 2.5 million Illinoisans access to workplace savings accounts.

Listen in to hear about: 

--How the program is funded

--What happens if you change jobs

--What the cost of the program would be to businesses and individuals

--Who can participate in the program

--When the program would begin

--What type of savings account would be set up

--What size businesses would be required to participate

How you can help:

Email your Representatives and urge them to support this legislation.

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