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AARP to Congress: Bury the 'chained CPI' now

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While we're not (yet!) asking your assistance, we wanted to let you know about an important amendment in the U.S. Senate Budget Resolution that may come up for a vote in Congress as early as today (Friday).

U.S. Sens. Bernie Sanders, Tom Harkin and Mazie Hirono introduced an amendment to the Budget Resolution in opposition to the so-called chained CPI.  As you know, the chained CPI, if enacted, would be an unwarranted cut to the cost-of-living-adjustments (COLAs) of millions of average seniors, the disabled, veterans (including disabled veterans), working families and children.  These annual cuts snowball over time and will make it more and more difficult for these vulnerable populations to purchase the things they need to live -- like health care, housing and utilities -- as prices continue to rise.

AARP is urging members of Congress to vote YES on the Sanders-Harkin-Hirono amendment and oppose chained CPI. Stay tuned.

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