AARP's Consumer Commitment

By Phil Zarlengo
AARP Volunteer Transitions alumni coordinator and former AARP Board chair*

Recognizing the need to provide consumers best-in-class service, AARP launched a new department three years ago called AARP Experience. This team is focused on understanding what members and non-members expect from AARP and how they currently experience AARP. The team recently developed AARP’s “Consumer Commitment” which articulates AARP’s promise, how the organization shows up and five standards that will guide AARP’s interactions with consumers.

AARP’s promise to consumers is to help them “navigate the complexities of life transitions” so that they feel in control, confident and secure as they age. I am glad to know that these practical areas of focus are shaping AARP’s work for millions of people across the country. Additionally AARP recognizes that it needs to be a “wise friend” and a “fierce defender” of consumers.

AARP established five standards that will apply to every consumer interaction – whether a phone call, email or advertisement. As AARP Alumni Volunteers, AARP wants our help in knowing if a consumer would say that AARP is:

1. Doing what is my best interest
2. Being straightforward and honest
3. Giving me only what I need, when I need it
4. Making it simple
5. Empowering me to act

I encourage you to stay connected to AARP and share your thoughts about the experience of consumers – and volunteers – around the country. Please email to share your thoughts!

*Phil also served previously as the AARP Rhode Island State President and continues today as a member of AARP RI’s Executive Council and State Legislative Committee.

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