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Delores Harragarra

Kiowa Tribe

Delores Harragarra was born and raised on allotted Indian land near Carnegie. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a library science degree. Mrs. Harragarra worked as the librarian at Fort Sill and later at the Chilocco, Concho and Riverside Indian Schools. She also served in the library at the Oklahoma Capitol. Mrs. Harragarra was instrumental in establishing the library at the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Sequoyah Indian School.

Mrs. Harragarra is a full-blooded Kiowa and one of the few tribal elders who is fluent in the Kiowa language. She remembers when the Kiowa Gourd Clan spoke the language and said it saddens her heart that the Kiowa language is rarely spoken anymore. Mrs. Harragarra has been a mentor with the Kiowa Language Preservation program for the last five years in hopes of increasing Kiowa language usage. She enjoys passing on her vast knowledge of Kiowa tribal history and language to younger generations.

Mrs. Harragarra is the historian for the Rainy Mountain Church and community. Her greatest reward is meeting wonderful people throughout her life and serving others.
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