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Japhet Els

AARP Maine is now accepting nominations for our 2018 Andrus Award for Community Service, which honors 50+ Mainers who are sharing their experience, talent, and skills to enrich the lives of their community members. The Andrus Award is AARP’s most prestigious and visible volunteer award.
We're excited to continue Dirigo Speaks 2017! The lineup this year has been fantastic and we appreciate all of you who have come out to join us at the Bangor Public Library. Please stay tuned here for upcoming announcements and details on more speakers and local events.
Last summer, we led a small troupe of volunteers and staff up to a small farm in Houlton, Maine in the hopes of doing our small part in lessening the burden that thousands of older Mainers face each day when it comes to the most basic of needs: hunger.
Just because it's chilly outside, doesn't mean we don't know how to have a good time! We're working in your neighborhood and hope you'll join us. Here are some of the fun opportunities we have coming up that we hope you'll join us for. All are welcome!
While we work on many issues at the state level here in Maine, we also work on national issues. These are the issues that impact all 50+ community members. Right now, a couple of these issues are front-and-center with the transition to a new Presidential administration and Congress. For instance, Medicare.
We're excited to announce the launch of AARP Maine's new speaker series, " Dirigo Speaks." Partnering with the Bangor Daily News, we're thrilled to present a new platform for Maine leaders and regional news-makers to share opinions, ideas and perspectives on what's happening (and not happening) here in the Pine Tree State.
Tip O'Neil, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives during the '80s is thought to have coined the phrase, "Social Security is the third rail of American politics." O'Neil, of course, was referencing the electrified third rail of a train track and relating it to an issue that is so charged that is therefore untouchable by politicians, else they suffer politically. That's how important the Social Security program and policy was to American leaders thirty years ago. But is it today? Is Social Security as well-respected and fought for today by our elected leaders as it was years ago? We're not so sure.
Each month in several communities around Maine, our volunteers and members get together to check-in and figure out ways to begin making an impact in their own communities. Whether it's part of our Livable Communities and Age Friendly work or related to our strong state advocacy campaigns, there's a wealth of opportunities worth plugging into. These coffees are your chance to get connected and hear a bit more about how to help your communities benefit from some of this important work.
Each day, thousands of Mainers are caught between caring for their children and caring for their parents work. Juggling the varying needs of those between the ages of nine and ninety is no simple task. In fact, it can be a full time job. In today's culture, it's usually taboo to talk about the details of passing on. A new film, "Nine to Ninety," meets that taboo head on through the story of Phyllis Sabatini as she wrestles with the tough decisions that accompany a desire to grow with dignity at any age.
Tax season is in full swing, and our Tax-Aide volunteers are busy setting up for the thousands of Mainers who will be taking advantage of our free tax preparation service in the coming weeks. But are you aware of the IRS scams and fraudsters out there ready to snatch up your tax refund?
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