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John Henry Mashunkashey

Mashunkashey Osage Nation

An Osage elder and Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam, John Henry Mashunkashey has demonstrated his commitment and service to the Osage Nation and the United States throughout his lifetime. As a member of the Wa-Xa-Ko-Li’n District, he became the drumkeeper in 1972. Mr. Mashunkashey has served on the Pawhuska Committee for many drumkeepers since and is currently an advisor for the current drumkeeper. He also served a four-year elected term for the Osage Nation Minerals Council.

Mr. Mashunkashey is a recipient of the U.S. Marine Corps Purple Heart for his service and sacrifice during the Vietnam War. He has been recognized as “Veteran of the Week” at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Mr. Mashunkashey was the past commandant of the Department of Oklahoma Marine Corps League. He currently serves as the commandant of the Osage Detachment 669 and commander of the American Legion Post 198. Mr. Mashunkashey is also an Osage Nation War Memorial Commission member and was part of the planning efforts for the award-winning Veteran Memorial in Pawhuska.
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