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John (John John) Brown

Muscogee Nation

John “John John” Brown encompasses the traits of a revered tribal elder: wisdom, humility, a servant to his tribe and people, patience and devotion. A lifelong learner, Mr. Brown continues to teach himself how to make new tools and craft traditional weaponry. Mr. Brown says the Creator gifted his skills so that he can ensure traditions are passed down and never forgotten. He is a leader of the Muscogee Bowshooters Society and teaches others how to make bows.

Mr. Brown’s impact extends beyond Oklahoma to the Muscogee Nation homelands in Alabama and Georgia. Those in Alabama and Georgia might know him better as the Bowman or Canoe Man. He is currently assisting Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park in building a dugout canoe to serve as a learning tool for park visitors. The canoe will eventually be exhibited in the park’s museum in Macon, Georgia. Mr. Brown is also an active member of his ceremonial ground, Duck Creek, where he serves on the council. His positive impact spans generations as he continues to share his knowledge with others.

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