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Linda Lindberg

Linda Lindberg is an AARP volunteer from Winchester, VA.
The 7th Annual Fairfax County Scam Jam focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), used with increased frequency in scam entrapment schemes. The Scam Jam is a joint venture by AARP Virginia and the Fairfax County Silver Shield Task Force.
What do AARP Virginia and little yellow rubber ducks have in common? Both were an integral part of Sperryfest 2024.
What can we do to live in our homes as long as possible? AARP’s HomeFit program provides some great recommendations.
AARP Virginia shines a spotlight on the Virginia Holocaust Museum, which is focused on recording and sharing the stories of survivors and liberators who settled in Virginia after World War II.
A Brief History of Beer, Wine, and Distilled Spirits in the Commonwealth
Working off AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins’s book Disrupt Aging, AARP Virginia’s recent program helped participants understand trends in aging and the longevity community, recognize everyone as multi-dimensional individuals, notice the signs of everyday ageism, and identify opportunities to combat ageism and live their best lives.
Kate Kleinert, a widow living near Philadelphia, exercised caution with Facebook friend requests from people she didn’t know. Then she accepted a stranger’s request, and her life changed forever.
Financial fraud, identity theft, romance scams, check washing, tech support, and social media. These were some of the topics addressed recently by a panel of professionals at the 6th Annual Scam Jam, a joint effort by AARP Virginia and Fairfax County Government’s Silver Shield Task Force.
Paul Greenwood served as San Diego’s deputy district attorney for 22 years, working mostly on caregiver abuse issues. He now serves as a champion against elder abuse.
In their younger days, many LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer) individuals came out of the closet to fight against discrimination. As they age, however, they often face a different kind of discrimination as they need medical care, causing some to consider returning to the closet to assure quality of care without prejudice.
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