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Power outages, high temperatures and heat-related illnesses are threatening Texans, prompting reminders to stay safe during extreme heat. AARP Texas is urging residents to take heat-related hazards seriously and to be vigilant in checking on older residents, neighbors, and the medically vulnerable.
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As the 2021 Texas legislative session nears its finish, AARP Texas applauds state lawmakers who championed meaningful bills that seek to increase consumer protection, improve healthcare and promote financial resilience.
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A new federal initiative can save eligible households up to $50 on high-speed internet bills.
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AARP Texas calls on legislators to sprint to action on consumer-focused utilities reforms so that avoidable power disruptions like the deadly winter storm blackouts never happen again.
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A free online public conversation about making Austin a more age-friendly community will take place Thursday, April 22.
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House Bill 3924 and Senate Bill 1973 allow so-called “skimpy” health coverage to be sold through Farm Bureau health plans. A related bill (HB 3752) would allow more of this same coverage that can deny coverage or charge more for your preexisting conditions to be sold through Texas Mutual plans.
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Jenell Clark of Dallas has been struggling for months to gain attention to the plight of her mother, 86-year-old Mae Birks. Now she’s brought her story to state legislators, testifying recently in the Senate Business & Commerce Committee in opposition to Senate Bill 6.
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Members of the Texas Legislature’s Senate Business & Commerce Committee approved a version of Senate Bill 6, a liability-immunity measure that would gut needed protections for Texas nursing home residents. The version of the bill now headed to the full Senate will, if enacted, strip residents’ ability to hold long-term care facilities accountable for negligent care.
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Texas legislators are responding to the call to take swift and decisive action to ensure the health and safety of long-term care facility residents and staff. AARP Texas Director Tina Tran applauded Texas lawmakers for their initial work and urged continued progress toward passing several important bills to protect nursing home residents.
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AARP Texas statement regarding anti-Asian violence.
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