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Sheila Little-Harjo

Seminole Nation

Sheila Little-Harjo’s contributions during her eight-year term as First Lady of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and a council representative for the Hecete Band are far-reaching. During her tenure as First Lady, Mrs. Little-Harjo served on the advisory board for the Seminole Nation Domestic Violence Program. A survivor of domestic violence from a previous marriage, she became an outspoken advocate for domestic violence victims. She also participated in public service announcements for the Department of Justice, American Indian Law and the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. Mrs. Little-Harjo helped establish the Seminole Nation Women’s Safe House program for abused women and children. She also started an annual quilt auction fundraiser for the Women’s Safe House. Thanks to her efforts, the program staff grew from one to 14 over six years.

Mrs. Little-Harjo is an award-winning artist known for her Seminole patchwork designs, as well as traditional women, children and men’s clothing. Her beautiful work can be seen at Green Corn ceremonies and the annual Seminole Nation Days.

Mrs. Little-Harjo also served in tribal roles such as budget officer and program director and on the Seminole Nation General Council.
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