Travis R. Morin

We’re heading into the home stretch of the 2016 election and while we’ve had our first 90 minute prime time presidential debate, the all-important issue of Social Security received ZERO airtime.
While we at AARP New Hampshire have been putting our collective fists to the grindstone in preparation for our upcoming Community Tours (with Keene ready to launch in just a few days!) we’ve still found time to criss-cross the state and use these precious few weeks before the Election Day to our advantage!
Rush 1
Just a week out from its September 13 th primary election, the Granite State’s ever-present political ambiance is more palpable than ever. Add to that Take A Stand NH’s upcoming Community Tours, the fast approaching presidential debates and the (of course) the general election itself, and … well, let’s just say that our market savvy readers would be well advised to invest in coffee stocks from now until November 8 th – our caffeine loving field team will do their best to keep you rolling in dividends.
Falling #1
For us maple syrup - blooded New Englanders, late summer can be a time of great confusion. Sure, we look sorrowfully on the loss of warmer temperatures and longer days … but that first smell of crisp chilled air and the trickling down of pumpkin spice flavored everything is almost enough to send us rummaging through the closet for our favorite flannel shirt(s).
Meet #5
With just 77 days to go until the 2016 election, AARP New Hampshire had yet another high octane week of on the campaign trail. From high profile candidate events, to a one-two punch of stellar coverage in the press, this past week was another one for the record books.
After he’d had a chance to read our first two volunteer profiles, AARP member Lloyd Farnham had let me know that he would be more than happy to be a part of our next piece. I’d suggested meeting in our Field Office or over coffee at a nearby café, but he was quite adamant about wanting to have the interview in his home. All seemed innocent at first. But as I walked through the front door of his Concord home, I smelled an ulterior motive in the air.
Kaine Week 10
While lesser campaigns might be tuckered out after our breakneck week covering The Donald, Take A Stand New Hampshire proved once again that we New Englanders are as sturdy as Robert Frost’s backyard fence.
Summer with the Donald 6
We’re over the dual humps of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and many have tuned out of politics to take in the games in Rio. But we at AARP New Hampshire haven’t taken a vacation from Take A Stand!
Beer Garten in Innsbruck Austria
It’s 1964 in a bustling city somewhere in Germany.
AARP invites you and a guest to our Take A Stand macaroni and cheese luncheon in our Manchester office on Wednesday July 6th at 11:30am.
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