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Celebrate Social Security by Helping to Strengthen Its Future

Happy Anniversary Social Security

Today marks the 78th anniversary of the creation of Social Security, and AARP wants to let Wisconsinites know that volunteers are available across the state to give free presentations to community groups about commonsense solutions that Congress could consider to make both Social Security and Medicare stronger and more solvent for current and future generations.

 “We are offering opportunities for folks to join us in discussions about responsible solutions that will secure Medicare and prevent harmful cuts to Social Security so we can keep the promises we made to seniors,” said AARP Wisconsin Federal Issues Advocacy Director Lisa Lamkins.

More than 789,000 thousand Wisconsinites age 65 and over receive Social Security. For many it is an economic lifeline. While the average annual benefit of $15,400 is less than many people think, the fact is Social Security keeps an additional 37% of Wisconsin seniors out of poverty.

Social Security has become even more important at a time when seniors are living longer and trying to cope with rising costs for health care, drugs, and utilities. That’s why we need to be vigilant and well-informed about attempts to cut our hard-earned Social Security, Lamkins said.

Yet Lamkins says some in Washington want to cut this invaluable program to reduce the deficit.

“Social Security is a self-financed program, not a piggy bank for deficit reduction,” she said. “AARP is fighting to stop Congress and the President from cutting Social Security benefits using the ‘ chained CPI,’ a change that would hurt seniors already in retirement as well as veterans, women, children and disabled Americans. Just last week, AARP volunteers delivered to Congress more than 1.5 million signed petitions opposing the chained CPI.”

For 78 years, Americans have found peace of mind and a measure of financial stability in the modest but critical benefits provided by Social Security. As we reflect on its remarkable success, AARP looks forward to engaging with elected officials, business and non-profit leaders, and the American people in an open, honest conversation about how to strengthen Social Security for the future.

Any community group that would like to invite a guest speaker to give a free Social Security and Medicare presentation is urged to complete our online request form.

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