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#Disrupt Aging: Working Your Way

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Huge numbers of Americans are living longer and working longer, sometimes in more than one career. Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP, wants us to rethink outdated beliefs about aging—such as that older people take more from society than they give. “How do we start thinking about aging in a positive way?” she asks. Watch a short video here of Jenkins explaining her thinking.

Jenkins shows how we can we reframe the stories we tell about ourselves so that they are not about aging, but about living. With that in mind, Will Stoner is offering a free copy of Jenkins’ book, Disrupt Aging, to the first VOCAB who submits an article about his or her work on a commission or board. This link will take you to a writable form where you can fill in a few fields about your board work and instantly submit it.

As we all know, the AARP website is chock-full of good information about working after age 50. You can pick and choose here. For an especially delightful look at two people’s second careers in a busy urban setting, click on this link.

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