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Doctors says Arkansas' Private Option helping his patients

In this video by Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, a physician in Heber Springs, Arkansas (Cleburne County) explains how Arkansas' Private Option for health care is helping his patients.[/youtube]


The State of Arkansas in 2013 passed a historic, bipartisan law to create the Private Option—so nearly 250,000 hard-working Arkansans could get affordable health insurance coverage.

Both houses of the Arkansas Legislature must vote during this legislative session to preserve  the Private Option. The Arkansas Senate did so on Feb. 20. The matter is now before the Arkansas House of Representatives.

The Private Option helps people who have lost jobs, lost insurance when they got sick, or have low-wage jobs–especially those 50 and older. More than 100,000 Arkansans have enrolled in the Private Option, including nearly 25,000 Arkansans age 50 to 64. If final legislative approval to preserve the Private Option is not secured, these Arkansans will lose their health coverage. 

Right now, the Private Option is helping Arkansas families by giving them access to preventative care that can save lives— and the security of knowing they can get the health care that they need. The Private Option will also help to ease emergency room overcrowding, and keep financially struggling rural hospitals open. 

Call 1-866-640-1006 toll free during regular business hours and leave a message for your legislators to vote YES on preserving the Private Option.

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