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Don’t Cut the Cord on Landlines


Telephone service is a basic necessity, particularly for older adults who are more likely than any other age group to rely on landline service to connect with family and friends, for medical monitoring, home security and in case of an emergency.

This is especially important in 11 of Wisconsin’s counties where wireless service is unreliable or nonexistent. Even where cell service is available, it does not offer all the health and safety protections of a landline.

We support “Provider of Last Resort” legislation that would require phone companies to continue offering basic phone service in all parts of the state.

This provision was removed from the telecommunications reform bill recently and major telephone providers are now pushing to discontinue guaranteeing basic phone service. In much of Wisconsin, that includes landlines.

We need to protect the reliable and affordable landline service that so many Wisconsinites depend on for their health, safety, and ability to live independently at home.

Does this affect you or someone you know? Tell us about it. Share your personal story about why landline phone service is important to you!

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