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AARP Florida urged its members this week to pay close attention to votes by Florida legislators on a controversial proposal that would allow certain Florida electric-power companies to finance risky out-of-state natural-gas exploration projects with ratepayers’ money, and charge their customers for financing the ventures.
aarp fl fpl affordable utilities now fb
St. Petersburg, Fla. – AARP Florida Advocacy Manager Jack McRay said AARP is disappointed in a 9-6 House committee vote Tuesday to allow Florida investor-owned utilities to shift the cost of out-of-state natural-gas exploration and development projects to ratepayers, while simultaneously collecting a return for itself on ratepayer-funded costs.
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St. Petersburg, Fla. – AARP Florida State Director Jeff Johnson issued the following statement urging AARP members and other consumers in the Panhandle to raise their voices on a proposed $106.8 million Gulf Power Co. rate increase.
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