The AARP Fredericksburg Chapter 3396 work in their community is very extensive from helping veterans, organizing food drives, contributing to Soup for Seniors, Driver Safety, advocacy and more. Join the AARP Fredericksburg Chapter 3396 at their next meeting every first Tuesday of every month, for more information visit their website

In both July and August, at the chapter meetings, they will be collecting supplies and food to support homeless veterans through Disabled American Veterans. The following is needed: toilet paper, napkins, disposable cups, bottled juice and water, and cleaning supplies.

Volunteer Opportunities:
There is a desperate need for help at the St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Shop. The shop supports the needy in our area. Volunteers at the store work 3-hour shifts; 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 1:00 -4:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The thrift shop is located in the Greenwich Shopping Center off Lafayette Blvd (near Paul’s Bakery). Tasks include cashiering, dusting, pricing items, clothing folding,  greeting customers, and occasionally, the shop needs trucks and drivers to move items from storage to the store. Those interested can contact Jill Reeves at 540-373-1316 or Maureen Jones at 540-424-8509.

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November 2018 Newsletter
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AARP Experience Corps
Did you know that fourth-graders who can’t read at grade level are four times less likely to graduate from high school? AARP Foundation Experience Corps is an intergenerational volunteer-based tutoring program that is proven to help children who aren’t reading at grade level become great readers by the end of third grade. Experience Corps is helping to provide both older adults and children with opportunities
to enrich their lives through literacy.

Mike D’Ostilio presented a program on Home Fit to the members of Fredericksburg AARP Chapter #3396 on January 2, 2019 at Chancellor’s Village. He spoke about how they can modify their homes to meet their specific needs as they age. As a result of the presentation, members commented on their own experiences and how the information provided was helpful.


Juanita Channel Receives 2018 Gordon Morton Award for Volunteer Service
Earlier this month, in Charlottesville, the AARP Virginia Office held its All Volunteer Assembly for state volunteers. Attending were Marietta and Mike D’Ostilio, Brenda Hooper, Steve Scheibe, Juanita Channel, and Donna Newman-Robinson.

We are thrilled to report that Juanita was the recipient of the Gordon Morton Award for Volunteer Service. There is no doubt that she is very deserving of this recognition. Congratulations Juanita!


Photo above, starting from the left are Sally Cooney Anderson (holding Jasper), Michael D’Ostilio, Marty Finck, Brenda Hooper, Marietta D’Ostilio, Kamya Channel, Lucretia Edreos, Juanita Channel and Charlotte Shackelford.

Just a Few Hours Can Make a Huge Difference
Several times this year, chapter members have participated with The Holiday Project in visiting residents at Carriage Hill Health and Rehab Center. Many of those we visit have very few other visitors and they appreciate the time we spend with them.

On November 11, our Chapter volunteers arrived at Carriage Hill to honor military veteran residents. As we chatted with the residents, we distributed baseball caps, miniature American flags and lapel pins. In the spirit of compassion, we offered the giveaways to all.

This was our third visit to the Center and each time our volunteers expressed the joy they received in sharing with the residents.


Community Service Update – Submitted by Juanita Channel, Committee Chair

The Chapter members continue to exhibit the spirit of volunteerism with compassion, kindness, and selflessness with their time, talents, and energy. The following three events were supported by the Chapter in October: Kathleen Holler, Samuel and Cherry Whitehurst, Betty Lee Sprinkle, Margaret Watkins, Marlene Pollard, and Juanita Channel arrived at the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank at 8:30 am on
October 6. They all filled 480 food boxes for the Food for Life program before moving to the Commodities  Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) side of the house to pack boxes for seniors.

The Fredericksburg Alzheimer’s Walk took place on October 13 at the Mary Washington Hospital Campus. On this beautiful fall day, chapter members Mike and Marietta D’Ostilio, Betty Lee Sprinkle, Sally Cooney Anderson, Brenda Hooper, Juanita Channel, and friend Faye Melton trekked around the campus holding flowers representing loved ones who are currently suffering from or have died from this disease.

On October 17, Carlos Enrique, Sally Cooney Anderson, Andy Gaeta, Janice Feagan, and Sandy Saunders treated the residents at the Brisben Center with a delicious lunch of chicken noodle soup, ham and turkey sandwiches with fixings, salad, sliced fresh fruit, and lemonade. For the remainder of the year, chapter members will support the following events: Visits to the veterans at the Carriage Hill Health & Rehab Center on Veterans Day, November 11. The signup sheet will continue to be available at our next meeting.

One additional volunteer and two alternates are needed to support the Spotsylvania Emergency Concerns Association (SECA) with packing Thanksgiving baskets. Please support these efforts by bringing canned goods to the November 6th chapter meeting. Bring items you would like to have for Thanksgiving and load up a bag for the needy.

Volunteers are needed to help support the Senior Visitors Program Christman at 3:30 pm on December 8 at Christ Lutheran Church. Volunteers will help support the Senior Visitors Program Christmas Party with decorating, assisting with food preparation, enjoying the festivities with the seniors, and clean up afterward. Four to five volunteers are needed for this event. The signup sheet will be available only at the November 6th Chapter meeting.

Members of AARP Fredericksburg Chapter #3396 were out in full force in September volunteering in the community for the 2018 AARP Statewide Food Drive with its sponsors and partners. Thanks to all who made this a successful event.

They collected 3,500 pounds of food which equals $665.71 in monetary donations. Each dollar of the monetary donations equals two meals.




Meals at Brisben
On September 19, Chapter volunteers again slipped on their gloves to prepare and serve a delicious lunch for the residents at the Brisben Center. Volunteers were: Carlos Enrique, Andy Gaeta, Janice Feagan, Sandy Saunders and Juanita Channel (not shown in picture). The menu included tomato soup, ham and turkey sandwiches with fixings, salad, sliced fresh fruit, and lemonade. The residents enjoyed the lunch and are looking forward to our return next month. Joe Hargrove said the center provides 3 meals per day 365 days each year with a zero dollar budget. All meals are provided through donations. Our Chapter is happy to do our part in providing care for the homeless.

On July 19th, the AARP Fredericksburg Chapter 3396 supported the Senior Visitor’s Program Annual Summer Picnic held at the Christ Lutheran Church in Fredericksburg.  The program matches socially isolated senior citizens with trained volunteers who provide weekly, home-based visits.  The Chapter volunteers prepared for and greeted the seniors on this well-anticipated event. Pictured from left to right are Teresa Bowers, Director of the Senior Visitor’s Program, AARP Chapter volunteers – Brenda Hooper, Mary Kofron, Juanita Channel, Sally Cooney-Anderson, Sharon Boyd (AARP State volunteer), Kathleen Holler and Marti Finck.

Volunteer Visitors were honored at the picnic and two of our own were honored for 50 hours of service, Mike and Marietta D’Ostilio.







Monday, July 16, 2018 members and friends of Chapter 3396 assisted the Disabled American Veteran (DAV) in preparing and serving breakfast to homeless veterans and non-veterans at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Hall on Princess Anne Street. Those helping were event lead Andy Gaeta along with Marietta and Mike D’Ostilio, Kathleen and Don Holler, Brenda Hooper, and Mary and Bob Kofron.  We want to thank the DAV breakfast team for all the work they do in making a difference in the lives of the homeless in our community. To Brad, Shirley, Teresa, and Gloria – our sincere gratitude.


Pictured above, from left to right, are Marti Finck, Sally Cooney Anderson, Mary Kofron, Sharon Boyd and Brenda Hooper. They were also joined by Bobby Anderson and Jasper.

June was once again a busy month for the Fredericksburg Chapter in supporting their seniors. On June 14th, Susan Trunzo gave a presentation on the history of the flag for residents at Crossings at Falls Run. Only two days later our Community Service Chairman Juanita Channel and chapter members celebrated Father’s Day in support of The Holiday Project with residents at the Carriage Hill Health and Rehab Center. We had an abundance of donated caps for the men, many of which came from the residents of the Celebrate Del Webb community. Pictured from left to right are: Marti Fink, Sally Cooney Anderson, Mary Kofron, Sharon Boyd, and Brenda Hooper. They were also joined by Bobby Anderson and Jasper.



Four of the Fredericksburg Chapter members visited Washington recently to rally for issues of concern to Americans 50 plus such asking to protect SNAP, retain the 7.5% income threshold Medical expense deduction and to support caregivers . Pictured above are Mary Kofron, Genea Luck (from our state office), Juanita Channel, Mike and Marietta D’Ostilio.





Chapter members, in support of The Holiday Project, celebrated Mother’s Day with residents at the Carriage Hill Health and Rehab Center in Fredericksburg.

Pictured from left to right are Marti Finck, Brenda Hooper, Susan Trunzo, Sally Cooney Anderson and Jasper, Lucretia Edreos, Juanita Channel, and Paula Eastes. Sally’s husband Bobby Anderson took the photo.

They distributed Mother’s Day cards, beanie babies and other stuffed animals donated by Mary Kofron. The gifts were well received by everyone and we brought lots of smiles to the residents. The Holiday Project members will be going back on Saturday, June 16 to honor the men and meet at 2:00 p.m. in the lobby.

Dr. Kash Eagleton of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Associates (OSPTA)


On Tuesday, May 1st Dr. Kash Eagleton of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Associates (OSPTA)  presented a program on the benefits of physical therapy to allow movement and general exercise of patients of all ages in order to maintain healthy lifestyles. Speaking at the AARP Fredericksburg Chapter 3396 monthly meeting, he stressed the importance of strengthening muscles with physical therapy both before and after surgery in order to have a more successful recovery. Dr. Eagleton has continued to refine his orthopedic skills through post-graduate continuing education courses on the treatment of athletes and active adults in all areas. He is a member of the Sports Therapy Section of the American Physical Therapy Association, as well as a member of the Virginia Physical Therapy Association.




Members of Fredericksburg Chapter 3396.           left to right are: Sally Cooney Anderson, Juanita Channel, Janice Feagan, Andy Gaeta, and Carlos Enrique.

On April 11th members of Fredericksburg Chapter 3396 prepared lunch for residents and staff at The Thurman Brisben Shelter. President Sally Cooney Anderson, Community Service Chairman Juanita Channel, Janice Feagan, Andy Gaeta and Carlos Enrique (a prospective Chapter member) served a nutritious lunch which included chicken noodle soup, ham and turkey sandwiches, salad, sliced fresh fruit and lemonade. They fed approximately 30 people.  Joe Hargrove, the shelter’s volunteer coordinator, mentioned that it was a great change from the usual lunch menu.



AARP Chapter and DAV Volunteers

On April 16th members and friends of Fredericksburg AARP Chapter 3396 assisted the DAV in preparing and serving breakfast to homeless veterans and non-veterans at the VFW Hall on Princess Anne Street. Those helping were President Sally Cooney Anderson, Community Service Chairman Juanita Channel and granddaughter Kamya Channel, Marietta and Mike D’Ostilio, Andy Gaeta, Kathleen Holler and husband Don Holler.  Brad Largent, Commander for the DAV General Washington Chapter 7, was very appreciative for the help our Chapter provided since the 3rd Monday of the month is serviced by only four volunteers.  Many thanks to AARP State and Fredericksburg Chapter members for their support.  Approximately 70 people were served.



On May 5th members of AARP Fredericksburg Chapter 3396 helped pack boxes for the hungry at the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank.  Betty Lee Sprinkle, a member of the chapter’s Community Service team who spearheaded the event for the chapter, was joined by President Sally Cooney Anderson, Marietta D’Ostilio, Mary Ann Dent, Janice Feagan, Kathleen Holler, Stephanie Sloan, Margaret Watkins, Sam and Cherry Whitehurst, and Leon Williams.

Approximately 975 boxes of food were packed with the help of several other organizations.