The AARP Fredericksburg Chapter 3396 work in their community is very extensive from helping veterans, organizing food drives, contributing to Soup for Seniors, advocacy and more. Join the AARP Fredericksburg Chapter 3396 at their next meeting every first Tuesday of every month, for more information visit their website

The Community Service Committee’s goal for 2019 is to provide numerous opportunities for our members to serve the Fredericksburg community. We have scheduled the following service projects:

  • Assist the Disabled American Veterans’ volunteers with food donations and support in preparing and serving breakfast to the homeless.  7/15/19, and 11/18/19
  • Providing lunch for Brisben Center (homeless shelter) residents. 8/21/19, and 9/11/19
  • Pack food boxes at the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank. 5/15/19, 9/18/19, and 10/5/19,
  • Visit a local nursing home for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with the Holiday Project.

We are excited to continue supporting those in need of nutritional and emotional support in the Fredericksburg community.
– Juanita Channel, Community Service Committee Chairperson

The Community Service Corner

Chapter members Sallie Wray, Brenda Cooper, Andy Gaeta, and Carlos Enrique preparing and serving lunch at the Brisben Center

The Chapter Community Service volunteers continue their selfless effort in support of those in need in the Fredericksburg community.









Jeannie Holder

Our chapter has joined more than 75 organizations who actively participate in Brisben’s Meal Program.  We were responsible for planning, purchasing, preparing and serving lunch to the Brisben residents.  On April 3rd Sallie Wray, Brenda Hooper and Lucretia Edreos under the direction of Andy Gaeta and Carlos Enrique served a hearty and nutritious lunch to the residents.  We are grateful that we are able to serve the community in this capacity.

Charlotte Shackleford

On April 6th, chapter volunteers arrived at the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank at 0830 prepared with the daunting task of packing hundreds of boxes for the Commodities Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) CSFP works to improve the health of low-income elderly persons at least 60 years of age by supplementing their diets with nutritious USDA Foods. Participating from the chapter were: Betty Lee Sprinkle, Stephanie Sloan, Mike and Marietta D’Ostilio, Steve Schiebe, Jeannie Holder, Margaret Pollard, Charlotte Shackelford, Margaret Watkins and Juanita and Kamya Channel.

Stephanie Sloan and Betty Lee Sprinkle

Sandi Saunders, chapter co-president Lucretia Edreos, chapter community service volunteer lead Carlos Enrique, and Mike D’Ostilio.


On March 20th Chapter 3396 supported the Brisben Center in Fredericksburg by preparing and serving lunch to the residents. The Brisben Center serves 94,900 individual meals per year.




Brenda Hooper, Andy Gaeta, and Sallie Wray.



Chapter 3396 Board of Directors brought members together on February 5th for an In Memoriam to remember chapter members who passed away in 2018. The candlelit ceremony was led by Mary Kofron. Following this, elder members were recognized by Co-President Lucretia Edreos and Vice-President Sally Cooney Anderson with Certificates of Appreciation and pins. Following this ceremony, everyone was treated to a celebratory cake.

Chapter 3396 elder members were recognized for their years of service. Seated are Rita Morin, Evadine Cooper, and Madge Haines. Back row includes members Leon Williams, Mary Anne Dent, Bob Kofron, Janice Dickerson, Marti Finck, Anne Lee, Loretta Rorvig, and Jessica Walker. Also included in the photo are Co-Presidents Marietta D’Ostilio and Lucretia Edreos.













The meeting culminated in a Valentine card making event with everyone busy at tables making cards for seniors residing in long term care facilities. These cards will be delivered on Valentine’s Day as part of the Holiday Project spearheaded by Sally Cooney Anderson.

Chapter members making cards are Mary Anne Dent, Marti Finck, Sally Cooney Anderson, and Leon Williams.

A sampling of the Valentine cards made by chapter members.












Fredericksburg Chapter Soup for Senior’s collection

On the left is Rita Girard, Executive Director of Mental Health America of Fredericksburg; in the center is Carla Jones, Helpline coordinator; back row is Laurie Black, Administrative Assistant for the Senior Visitors Program.

Fredericksburg chapter members were busy collecting soup and crackers for seniors who are part of the Senior Visitors Program in Fredericksburg. The Senior Visitors matches socially isolated senior citizens with trained volunteers who provide weekly, home-based visits for companionship and socialization, as well as a respite to caregivers. This program helps older adults maintain independence and healthy living in their own home environment while fostering a connection to their community.

Soup and crackers were also collected for Healthy Generations Area Agency on Aging and their area senior cafes.


AARP Fredericksburg Chapter#3396 Begins the New Year Helping Its Community

On Monday, January 21st, Community Service Chairman Juanita Channel and committee member Andy Gaeta lead chapter members Kathleen Holler, Lucretia Edreos, and Mike and Marietta D’Ostilio in preparing and serving breakfast to homeless veterans. The group began at 6:30 a.m. cracking 10 dozen eggs, preparing biscuits with gravy, heating breakfast meats, hash browns, and mac and cheese, making coffee and setting up a serving line ready to welcome approximately 70 people.
Partnering with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to serve the homeless is our most rewarding project.
Chapter volunteers were joined by DAV volunteers who consistently serve the homeless at the VFW Hall.


AARP Fredericksburg Chapter #3396 partnered with the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank in helping to collect food for families in need at Giant Food Store on Town and Country Drive on Saturday, January 19th. Carey Sealy, Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank Volunteer and Event Coordinator, and Brandon Root, Food Bank Volunteer, led this event. Members pictured are Sally Cooney Anderson, Steve Scheibe, and Mike and Marietta D’Ostilio.





Mike D’Ostilio presented a program on Home Fit to the members of Fredericksburg AARP Chapter #3396 on January 2, 2019 at Chancellor’s Village. He spoke about how they can modify their homes to meet their specific needs as they age. As a result of the presentation, members commented on their own experiences and how the information provided was helpful.