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Happy 79th Anniversary Social Security!


Just last month we celebrated the 49th anniversary of Medicare. On August 14th we are celebrate another program that has helped millions of Americans since its creation- Social Security! Today Social Security continues to help hundreds of thousands of Mainers, of all ages.

There are approximately 314,392 Social Security beneficiaries in Maine,  many of whom rely on the program for their sole source of income. In fact, a report from the Center on Budget and Public Priorities reports that in Maine, 47% of the state's 65+ population would have incomes below the poverty line if they did not receive Social Security. This means nearly half of all Mainers over the age of 65 are able to live above the poverty line exclusively because they receive Social Security benefits each month. Since its beginning in 1935, Social Security has helped millions of retired workers, widows and children of beneficiaries, as well as disabled Americans.

What about you? Do you receive Social Security benefits? If so, how has the program changed your life? The Frances Perkins Center of Damariscotta, ME has started the "Social Security Stories Project" in an effort to collect personal stories from people who have benefited from Social Security. Frances Perkins is considered to be "the architect of Social Security" and was essential to the construction and passing of the Social Security Act. Why not celebrate the 79th year of Social Security in America by sharing how this program has affected your life? Click here to learn more about the project and submit your own story.

Many people do not know of the great impact Frances Perkins had on America during her lifetime. Born in Boston in 1880, Frances Perkins grew up in Massachusetts and spent many childhood summers on her grandmother's farm in Newcastle, ME. Inspired by the wisdom of her grandmother, Perkins would grow up to become the first woman to serve as a cabinet secretary, serving as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Secretary of Labor. She dedicated her life to advocating for safe industrial working conditions and workers' rights. Frances Perkins has been credited with being instrumental in creating policies to improve the national economy following the Great Depression as well as helping to create the modern middle class. You can read more about Frances Perkins' life and accomplishments on the Frances Perkins Center website. As we celebrate Social Security, we must not forget that the program likely would not exist today without the hard work and perseverance of Frances Perkins.

Happy 79th Anniversary Social Security, we look forward to celebrating many more!

Social Security is essential to millions of people in the United States. If Social Security is important to you and your family, we ask that you sign our petition. The goal of the petition is to remind Congress of the importance of Social Security and make sure we keep the program "strong and current for future generations".  Click here to read and sign the petition.

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