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Lindsey Kartaszewicz

This month we celebrate the 79th anniversary of Social Security being signed into law. Since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in 1935, the program has helped millions of Americans and that number only continues to grow. Most Americans are aware of Social Security and likely know someone who benefits from it, but few know of the woman that was instrumental in the creation and passage of Social Security- Frances Perkins.
Just last month we celebrated the 49th anniversary of Medicare. On August 14th we are celebrate another program that has helped millions of Americans since its creation- Social Security! Today Social Security continues to help hundreds of thousands of Mainers, of all ages.
"Don't hang up!" This is how the latest scam call begins, and the scam artists are hoping it will end with your giving them your money.
July 30 of this year marks the 49th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson sitting next to former President Harry S. Truman and signing Medicare into law. In 1945, President Truman had proposed a national health insurance that did not discriminate in regard to beneficiaries but it would take twenty years for his vision to be realized in the form of Medicare. Today, millions of Americans could not imagine life without it!
You spoke up and we're listening!
At AARP believe that no one’s possibilities should ever be limited by their age. We constantly strive to help people realize their goals and dreams. Have you ever dreamed of learning to sail on Maine’s lakes or off the rocky coast? AARP Maine is excited to announce a new agreement with SailMaine that will allow AARP members to take their fun and educational sailing courses at a discounted rate!
The cities of Portland and Bangor Maine are holding festivals in honor of June being National Pride Month, and AARP Maine will be at both! At our booth, we will be focusing on how AARP can better serve the LGBT community in Maine. We want to honor our LGBT members as well as hear your feedback. What are we doing well? What could AARP Maine do to better serve the LGBT community in Maine? Please stop by and give us your suggestions- or just come say hi!
It is a disturbing fact that millions of Americans have experienced some form of elder abuse, and it is still happening. Too many older Americans are being abused, neglected, or exploited by someone they thought they could trust. With World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on Sunday June 15th, it is time to acknowledge this serious issue and speak up to help put an end to elder abuse.
Older Americans Month and the Programs That Make a Difference in Our Communities
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