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Hard-Working Georgians Deserve Hard-Working Savings


The expectation of a comfortable retirement is no longer a reality for far too many Americans. Instead, millions of people face the risk of running out of savings after they retire. While research shows individuals are over 15 times more likely to save for retirement if the employer offers a plan than if they must find an IRA on their own, more than 1.7 million Georgians do not have a way to save for retirement at work [i]. AARP is promoting a commonsense solution that would help people build their own private retirement savings so they can take charge of their future and live independently as they age.

Roughly 25 states are considering ways to address financial insecurity in retirement; one approach is known as a “Work and Save Plan”, a public-private partnership, which provides a way to save for retirement via payroll deduction at work, much like a 529 college savings plan. AARP Georgia has begun encouraging these efforts in the state to make it easier for businesses to offer a retirement savings account for employees.

Why Work and Save?

Promotes Financial Freedom: For most, Social Security alone isn’t enough to depend on. Work and Save accounts can make it easier for workers to grow the additional savings they will need to live a secure and independent future.

Gives Americans a Choice: Accounts are voluntary. It’s up to employees to decide if they want to participate.

Gives Employees Control: Accounts are portable. When employees switch jobs, they can take their Work and Save accounts with them.

Saves Taxpayer Dollars: Giving employees a simple way to save for retirement could mean fewer Americans will need to rely on government safety net services, which will save taxpayer dollars.

No Risk to States: State governments are not responsible for a person’s gains or losses in the market.

See Work and Save 101 for more information.

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[1] David John & Gary Koenig, Workplace Retirement Plans Will Help Workers Build Economic Security , AARP Public Policy Institute Fact Sheet, August 2015. Available online:

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