12.26.13 MedEx 499,99912.26.13 MedEx 499,99912.26.13 MedEx 499,999Beginning in January,  hard-working Ohioans in low-wage jobs who haven’t been able to get affordable health insurance will have a new option.\

For the first time, low-income Ohioans under age 65 without dependent children will qualify for Medicaid coverage. Low-income Ohioans with dependent children will be eligible at the same income level across the state.

A recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling upholds the state Controlling Board’s vote to accept federal dollars to expand Medicaid coverage to residents under 65 years old whose income is below 138 percent of the federal poverty level.

 That state Supreme Court decision means that based on family size, Ohioans at this income level or below will have access to this new Medicaid option:

Single person — $15,856

Family of 2 — 21,403

Family of 3 — $26,951

Family of 4 — $32,499

Family of 5 — $38,046

For more information about applying and to find out if you or someone you know may qualify for affordable health coverage through Medicaid, visit www.benefits.ohio.gov

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