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future retirement workshop

Keep AARP in mind when you’re planning programs for community groups or organizations. Our presentations and workshops provide useful tools and actionable information to help Minnesotans 50-plus live their best lives. The presentations are typically 30 to 60 minutes and can be tailored to meet your needs. Please note that AARP MN requests at least 15 attendees for a presentation. 

AARP Minnesota offers presentations and workshops on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Advocacy 
  • Brain Health 
  • Downsizing and Decluttering 
  • Fight Fraud and Scams with the AARP Fraud Watch Network
  • HomeFit Workshop
  • Livable Communities for People of All Ages 
  • Prepare to Care 
  • The Future of Social Security 

AARP works with the state and federal government to ensure policies address the needs of people age 50-plus. Citizen volunteers engage in educational forums to learn about the issues and take a variety of measures to influence opinions of our leaders and the public. The issues are ever-changing but tend to center on financial security, access to health care and the needs of family caregivers.

Brain Health
It’s never too late to focus on your brain health! In this interactive session you will learn about the six pillars of brain health, activities that support brain health, and hopefully be inspired by others. This session is a good overview for anyone interested in learning more about brain health and will provide you with information on the latest research on brain health, lifestyle suggestions, and resources to learn more.

Downsizing and Decluttering
Having too much stuff can impede people from relocating or getting health care into their homes. This engaging presentation explores why stuff is so important for some people and teaches practical, easy-to-follow tips on downsizing and decluttering. Learn how to get started!

Fight Fraud and Scams with the AARP Fraud Watch Network
The AARP Fraud Watch Network is working to empower you in the fight, with proven resources and tools to help you spot and avoid identity theft and fraud. Fraud presentations cover a range of topics including: the Fraud Watch Network Basic Presentation, Cyber Security & Protecting Your Digital ID, Government Imposter Scams, and Online Romance Scams.

In this session, we will share an inside look at how scammers think, how to safeguard against identity theft and fraud, first-hand accounts from victims, and what to do if you or someone you know has been a victim.

HomeFit Workshop
Based on the free AARP HomeFit Guide, this presentation can help individuals and families make their current or future residence – or that of a loved one – their “lifelong home.” The workshop and guide offer solutions that range from simple do-it-yourself fixes to improvements that require skilled expertise but can be well worth the expense.

Livable Communities for People of All Ages
AARP Livable Communities supports the efforts of neighborhoods, towns, cities and rural areas to be great places for people of all ages. This session is an introduction to the great work taking place across Minnesota and how you and your community can get involved.

Prepare to Care
No matter where you are in the journey of family caregiving – just beginning to anticipate a need, helping to coordinate a big move, or taking care of a family member full-time – having a good framework to guide both you and your loved one will make the process easier. During this session, we will share a framework to help you make plans to care for friends, family members, or loved ones.

The Future of Social Security
This workshop focuses on building an understanding of the implications of Social Security claiming decisions and the financing of Social Security. You will discover what Social Security is, how to secure your benefits, and what's at stake for the future of Social Security.
This session is intended to be informational and educational and does not constitute investment, tax or legal advice. We strongly recommend you seek the advice of a professional before making financial decisions.

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