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AARP research attaches $10 billion value to the estimated 5 million hours of unpaid care that family caregivers provided in 2021. 
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AARP has long advocated for Social Security tax relief. While we have appreciated past legislative actions that have provided some state relief for beneficiaries, the fact remains that more retirees are paying taxes on their benefits. With a historic $17.6 billion surplus, it’s time to stop taxing these hard-earned benefits.    
The expectation of a comfortable retirement is no longer a reality for far too many Americans, especially those who work for small businesses. Minnesota is part of a national movement seeking to reverse this trend. AARP Minnesota is calling on lawmakers to pass the MN Secure Choice Retirement Program (HF 782; Becker-Finn /SF 413; Pappas), which allows workers to set aside wages through an easily accessible savings program.  
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AARP Minnesota commends Governor Walz on the proposed One Minnesota budget that includes measures that will support older adults and their family caregivers to address our state’s rapidly aging demographic. However, AARP is disappointed the Governor’s budget doesn’t provide more Social Security tax relief for Minnesota retirees.  
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AARP in Minnesota has called on lawmakers to pass a Paid Family and Medical Leave program, which would provide up to 12 weeks of paid leave to care for a seriously ill family member or a worker’s own serious health condition. The Paid Family and Medical Leave Act (HF2; Richardson/SF2; Mann) would allow working family caregivers in Minnesota to take time off from their paid jobs without the fear of losing their paycheck.
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Advocating for what is important to our members and giving you a voice at the state and federal levels is a priority for AARP Minnesota. Your voice matters. We work with local organizations and town and city officials to make our communities more livable and places to age with dignity and purpose. Our advocacy efforts have been nonpartisan since our founding in 1958.
AARP Minnesota's 100-plus volunteers are invaluable in keeping important topics front and center with lawmakers.
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All registered voters are eligible for a no-excuse absentee ballot.
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Minnesota recently raised the income limit for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which provides families with monthly financial help to buy groceries. AARP strongly advocated for the expansion.
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Caregivers at the Polls: What's at Stake for Caregivers and their Families this Election Year
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