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It's been a busy year for AARP Minnesota.
Join AARP at the 2018 Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Thursday through Saturday, June 21-23.
AARP Minnesota offers presentations and workshops on a wide range of topics, such as fraud and scam
By Pamela Schmid
Select AARP members are invited to a free screening of MOLLY'S GAME starring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba and Kevin Costner on Monday April 16th. Written and directed by AARP Movies for Grownups Award-Winner Aaron Sorkin!
Fraud Watch
Building on the success of its previous fraud prevention efforts, AARP Minnesota is recruiting volunteers to expand the AARP Fraud Watch Network into rural parts of the state.
By Mary Van Beusekom
Once again, AARP Minnesota will sponsor the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, as the event expands this year to three days, June 22-24. More than a dozen world-class acts will play in parks and clubs across St. Paul as part of the 19th annual festival.
Urban Growler
This spring, let AARP Minnesota buy you a beer.  We’re partnering with local breweries for multiple AARP On Tap events, and you won’t want to miss out.  These events are great opportunities for those who want to meet and connect with other members, learn more about AARP, or just enjoy a free brewery tour. Help AARP fight hunger in the Twin Cities while you enjoy some local craft beer.  Make sure to bring a non-perishable food donation, and in exchange, we’ll treat you to a beer.  Check out the specific event and registration details below.
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