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On Tap - Gerri
AARP successfully completed the Spring ON TAP schedule with events at Invictus, Broken Clock, and St Paul Brewing. Almost 100 people attended each of these events with food and cash collected and donated to local food shelves. See below for more information and pictures of the Spring events.
Prescription medicine and money
Right now, Americans are paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world - often double what other countries pay for the same medicine millions of people depend on. Too many Americans are choosing between filing a prescription or buying groceries.
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By Mary Van Beusekom
About 370,000 Minnesotans are served by Medicare Cost plans that are set to expire at the end of this year.
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St. Paul Classic 3
Join us on Sunday, September 9 for the 24th Annual Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour, a rolling showcase of
St. Paul, Minneapolis and Rochester were all ranked among the top 10 most livable “medium sized” cities in the country, according to data analyzed from the newly updated AARP Livability Index.  Among
Retired Couple Nordic walking
It’s time to stretch your legs and feel the sun on your skin. AARP is gearing up for the spring and summer by offering active outdoor events. Outdoor events include beautiful hikes, exploratory bike rides, and fun canoe trips. If you like to stay landlocked, join AARP on our Trail Trekker hikes or our Destination Rides. If you like to stay cool during Minnesota’s hot summer days, our two Voyager Canoe Trips are perfect for you and a friend.
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