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Fix the Social Security Offset in Unemployment Insurance

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Stop Penalizing Older Workers on Social Security
Too many Minnesotans remain out of work because of the pandemic. Minnesota's Unemployment Insurance system exists to help make ends meet during difficult times. Unfortunately, this same system is leaving older workers out in the cold. Minnesota is the only state in the nation where unemployment insurance benefits are reduced or even eliminated if the laid-off worker receives, has filed, or intends to file for Social Security benefits.

Social Security's earned benefits are modest, averaging $1,569 a month in Minnesota, which means many Social Security beneficiaries must continue to work. These are not high-level executives with large salaries. They are essential workers employed by big retailers, airlines, health care companies, and more. Without the additional Unemployment Insurance benefits designed to protect them, many older workers are at risk of losing their homes or going without life-saving medications.

Swift action is needed to repeal this unfair law and apply it retroactively to the start of the pandemic. 

Now more than ever, older workers are counting on Minnesota lawmakers to do the right thing. Don't let Minnesota continue to penalize older workers. It's time to join every other state in the nation and repeal this law and apply it retroactively so older workers can receive the unemployment benefits they deserve. Tell your lawmaker it is time for Minnesota to stop unfairly penalizing older workers.

Join Youthprise, Bridgemakers, and AARP Minnesota for a town hall with the legislators who are championing changes to these laws to learn more about the issue, hear the impact on Minnesotans young and old, and add your voice to the cause.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM (CST)

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