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Get the Most Out of Your Devices

Got a gadget that you don’t quite know how to use? We’ve got a class for you.


In 2015 AARP in the Twin Cities will be offering technology classes across the metro region to help people get the most out of their smart phones and tablets.

AARP TEK will present fun, FREE, hands-on workshops in your area to help you get the most out of your tablet. Friendly TEK Guides will answer all of your questions and an iPad tablet will be provided for your hands-on practice while attending the workshop. In addition to hands-on experience, all participants will also receive a free touchscreen stylus pen and take-home guidebook. Find a location near you with courses that meet your needs and interests!

This spring three different two-hour classes are being offered:

Intro to Tablets

If you are new to mobile technology, but ready to discover how apps can help you to simplify tasks, stay connected while you’re on the go, and keep you in touch with people and interests in your life, this beginner course is for you! Join us for a hands-on workshop that will empower you with tablet skills from Touchscreen Basics, to Texting, Taking & Sharing Photos, Downloading Apps and more.

Beyond the Basics: Tablets

Join us for a hands-on workshop to learn tips and tricks that will help you UP your TECH game! We’ll explore Photo Editing and Cloud Photo Sharing, Streaming Free Music, Texting Tips, Talking instead of Typing on your Tablet, Controlling your Tablet with your Voice, Advanced Maps and much more.  Tablet experience recommended

Staying Connected with Social Media

Join us for a hands-on workshop to get involved with numerous social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter. Explore apps that will allow you to keep in touch with family, catch up with old friends, stay current with world news, and expand your professional network. Learn what’s critical to know about managing your social presence safely. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, consider bringing your account information with you to the class for the optimal workshop experience.  Tablet experience recommended


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