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Getting to Know MNsure

An important change is coming and it will have a major impact on Minnesota consumers.  Beginning on October 1 st, the new Minnesota health care marketplace will open its doors.  The marketplace – called MNsure – is a one-stop shop where Minnesota consumers can find health insurance that is affordable.


In Minnesota, the new health law is expected to expand health coverage to more than 1.3 million individuals.  Two groups who stand to benefit greatly from the law changes are middle-class families and older workers.

Increased Affordability for Middle – Class Families:  Consumers will now have better choices in health care plans.  Insurance companies will have to cover things like doctor visits, emergency room care, having a baby or buying prescriptions.  Individuals and families will still have to pay part of these costs as well as monthly payments, but there will be financial help to make those payments more affordable.

For example a family of four with an income of $94,200 a year or lower will be able to get discounts on their monthly bill to make them easier to afford. Other no-cost and low cost plans are also available for lower income individuals and families.

Greater Flexibility for Older Workers:  Older workers and early retirees will also benefit from the new health law.  Many Minnesotans over the age of 50 have pre-existing health conditions and have a much harder time finding affordable coverage.  Because insurance plans won’t be able to deny individuals with pre-existing conditions, older consumers could see a big improvement in the plans available to them.

With greater access to affordable health coverage, thousands of Minnesotans over the age of 50 will now have the flexibility to retire early, take a new job or start their own business.

The early reports on the MNsure marketplace have been encouraging.  Every county in the state will have at least two plans to choose from and the average cost of those plans are lower than any other state marketplace.

To find out more about MNsure and how it will impact you or your family, visit or call 855-3-MNSURE.


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