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Raise Your Voice Before Xcel Raises Your Rates

Right now, the Minnesota Public Utility Commission (PUC) is considering a request from Xcel Energy


that could raise customer rates by nearly 10% or about $132 a year. If approved, Xcel will have raised rates on their Minnesota customers 6 years in a row. When utility bills go up it hits everyone's pocket book, especially those on fixed incomes or struggling to make ends meet.

Thankfully in Minnesota, we have an engaged PUC that carefully considers the input of utility customers. Because of this customers have a strong voice in the process and can ensure that Xcel is only allowed to charge fair and reasonable rates for the utility service.

Send a message to the Minnesota Public Utility Commission and the judge hearing the case.

One particular part of this rate proposal where more fairness is a proposed increase in the fixed customer charge. Xcel wants a 25% increase in the amount that customers would have to pay before they even turn on the lights.

It is time for Xcel customers to raise their voices before they raise your rates. That is why AARP has set up an easy online tool that allows Xcel customers to share their comments and concerns directly with the PUC.

Let the Public Utility Commission know that this isn't fair. Customers should pay a fair rate for the energy they use. They shouldn't have to pay 25% more for doing nothing.

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