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AARP Testifies on New Hampshire Health Protection Program

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AARP New Hampshire State President Dick Chevrefils spoke in favor of the reauthorization of the New Hampshire Health Protection Program (Medicaid Expansion) at a New Hampshire House Health and Human Services Committee hearing this morning. Here’s what he had to say:

Good Morning, my name is Dick Chevrefils and I am the volunteer State President of AARP New Hampshire, representing our 230,000 members in New Hampshire.

AARP strongly supports HB 1696 and the reauthorization of the New Hampshire Health Protection Program. The New Hampshire Health Protection Program is a uniquely New Hampshire solution that is working and provides private health insurance to those who cannot afford it.

AARP is particularly concerned about the health of those aged 45 - 64, who are not yet eligible for Medicare. Without affordable health care, these are people who may get sicker as they age and be more likely to require long-term care services.

According to data from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, we know that approximately one-third of the participants of the New Hampshire Health Protection Program are 45 or over; many of them are 55 and older. We also know that people between the ages of 45-64 are deeply concerned about having affordable health care as they age.

Providing health insurance coverage to low-income adults is important to AARP New Hampshire, because we want to help people who’ve lost jobs and are struggling to find new ones get affordable health care. This is particularly important to older workers who take longer to find new jobs and can’t always afford to maintain health insurance between jobs. We also want to ensure that coverage is there for hardworking older adults who are struggling to make ends meet.

HB 1696 is critical because it is all about the citizens of New Hampshire. These are the families and individuals – our neighbors, friends and relatives – who struggle each day to achieve the best possible lives for their families and themselves. The New Hampshire Health Protection Program makes a difference in the lives of those 47,000+ participants.

We ask you to pass HB 1696 to continue this cost-effective program that provides health care to New Hampshire families and individuals.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to appear before you today.

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