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Just thinking about pesto—the perfect blend of basil, olive oil, pine nuts and more—can get your mouth watering. This is the perfect time to make your own tasty pesto with ingredients from your own garden or local farmer’s market. If you want to learn how to make this delectable sauce then this is the class for you.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.
This live Q&A event will address how to navigate unemployment, furloughs and manage your career during this uncertain economic time. Get expert advice that can help you understand your benefits, rights and what to expect as physical distancing measures are relaxed and people return to work.
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This Op Ed was written by AARP New Hampshire State Director Todd Fahey and submitted to NH newspapers on May 29, 2020.
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75 top Alzheimer’s and dementia experts collaborated on a 10-year strategic plan for researchers, policymakers and caregivers
The decisions you make now could affect what doctors you see, how much you might spend on your health in the future and more. Whether you’re 65 or will be soon, there’s no better time to start exploring your Medicare options.
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We are living in challenging times. The concept of the “good life” has shifted from owning a home, having a nice a yard and a good job, to place even more importance on good health and having a secure retirement. As we transition from an era of wanting materialistic possessions as a way to express who we are, to searching for experiences; AARP’s strategic focus areas, wealth, health and self, become even more crucial.
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Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.
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Grab your morning beverage of choice and join AARP NH for a unique, live 30-minute Coffee & Conversation with COVID-19 survivor Tara Shaver and AARP New Hampshire host Jeannie Tucker on Tuesday, May 5 at 11 am.
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