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Lots of people meet friends and potential love interests online through dating sites, social media, or mobile apps. It can be a great way to meet people, but not everyone is who they say they are online. These scams aren’t just targeted at people who are looking for a relationship on a dating site or app. They can occur through social media and even through email.
Get information and guidance at this free AARP webinar. We’ll explore online shopping scams, charity scams, delivery scams and even gift card scams.
Scam Alert
Fraudsters have been capitalizing on the coronavirus pandemic to wreak more havoc, from robocalls to phishing emails and texts. AARP wants to keep you and your loved ones safe from con artists. 
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Insurance fraud has existed for as long as insurance has been around. It costs businesses billions of dollars each year – an expense then passed to consumers in higher premiums. While older adults are the most vulnerable to fraud, scammers can be charming and aggressive enough to get anyone to give them money.
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Scammers steal billions of dollars from unsuspecting consumers every year. The impact on victims and their families can be financially and emotionally devastating, especially for older Americans.
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Deep within the internet is the Dark Web, a space where criminals can anonymously buy and sell illegal goods and private information. Known as the “Internet Godfather,” Brett Johnson created one of the dark web’s first online stores where criminals and scammers bought stolen credit cards, Social Security numbers, drugs and guns. Eventually, he was caught and convicted. Now, after serving seven years in prison, Brett works to stop criminal enterprise and consults for the Secret Service and the cybersecurity industry.
Letters on old wooden blocks (fact, fiction)
Do you believe everything you see online?
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Grab your morning beverage of choice and join AARP NH for a unique, live 30-minute Coffee & Conversation with Sunny Mulligan Shea, an attorney and victim witness advocate with the Elder Abuse and Exploitation Unit of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, and AARP New Hampshire host Jeannie Tucker.
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