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New Hampshire
Nursing home residents have been one of the most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a survey of AARP New Hampshire members, 82 percent said they would rather stay in their homes as long
AARP New Hampshire’s Speakers Bureau is helping residents across the state stay connected with virtual talks on topics such as fraud, caregiving, brain health, downsizing and sorting fact from fiction online. 
Scam Alert
Fraudsters have been capitalizing on the coronavirus pandemic to wreak more havoc, from robocalls to phishing emails and texts. AARP wants to keep you and your loved ones safe from con artists. 
Approximately 177,000 family caregivers in the Granite State provided an estimated 140 million hours of care (worth $2.3 billion) to parents, spouses, partners and friends in 2017, according to a recent AARP report.
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