Abenaki and Archaeology: Digging up Manchester’s Past
Grandma and Granddaughter laugh and bake cookies
Craving something sweet? Sweet treats don’t have to be loaded with highly-processed sugar and saturated fats!
Black Bear eating clover
Bears are beautiful, wild creatures that spark lots of questions . . .
Manchester, New Hampshire
Get ready for some really interesting, local history!
Romantic Habits of Animals photo.jpg
The courtship behaviors of our native animals can be pretty interesting! This is the time of year our wild friends are on the lookout for a mate.
hello spring written on white paper with Spring flowers on a dark wooden background
Join us for tasty bites, trivia and festive spring attire on February 29.
Veggie Burger Image.jpg
Ditch those frozen, highly-processed veggie burgers and learn to make your own fresh and delicious veggie burgers. For meatless Mondays or something to throw on the grill.
Mamma Mia Slide.jpg
More than 60 million people all around the world have had the time of their life with Mamma Mia! On the eve of her wedding, Sophie sets out to discover the identity of her father, bringing three men from her mother’s past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.
Apply for training as a community leader at the New Hampshire Senior Leadership program and learn to effectively advocate for older adults.
Six adults practicing yoga, arms raised
Breathe in . . . breathe out . . . drink wine!
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