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Downsizing & Decluttering Your Home--FREE Webinar 12.1.22

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The holidays are here! This is the time of year when LOTS of stuff comes into you home. Also many of us are working from home or caring for a loved one and finding that we’re drowning in “stuff”?

This is a great time to starting sorting through it all! The number one thing that impedes people from leaving their home or getting healthcare into their homes is this stuff.

This FREE webinar on December 1 at 11 am from the AARP NH Speakers Bureau will help participants understand why stuff is important to people. We will also tackle some practical, easy-to-follow downsizing and decluttering tips that will get your home, office, or vehicle organized in no time!

Tips include being realistic about stuff we REALLY need and sorting things into four piles: keep, sell, donate, and trash.

The truth is, the two oldest generations have the most stuff and both want to pass it down to the younger generations. If you’re thinking about downsizing, you can’t take it all with you. If you feel this stuff is overwhelming your home, become a decluttering pro!

This event is FREE but you must register here:

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