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Join us for FREE, virtual classes celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Diwali and Navratri.
AARP New Jersey will join the state’s Hispanic and South Asian communities in celebrating their heritage this fall with a mix of in- person and virtual events.
Join AARP New Jersey at two Rutgers Football games this fall!
The next generation of scam calls will be powered by artificial intelligence, says Doug Shadel. “The technology is here, and it’s going to get better,” says Shadel, who will be a keynote speaker at AARP New Jersey's upcoming fraud summit.
AARP New Jersey is hosting a Facebook Live event on Friday, May 5, at noon to discuss common scams being perpetrated across the state and to help people learn how to protect themselves.
Spring is here, which means it's time for Spring cleaning!
AARP New Jersey’s series of virtual classes on healthy living will continue in 2023! This month, we are offering FREE, virtual cooking classes that walk through easy and nutritious recipes.
In this FREE, virtual class, a yoga instructor will lead you through postures while using a chair for support.
Gardens provide nutritious food for our tables, beautiful flowers and plants for our homes, and they also provide a variety of other health benefits.
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