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Accepting Help Gracefully: Workshop Series

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Many older adults face the reality of needing care. AARP members and guests are invited to a four-part workshop series, "Accepting Help Gracefully: The Dance of Interdependence." This series offers a forum to explore the transitions between independence, dependence, and interdependence with grace. Guided by a Sage-ing® Mentor, these 90-minute Zoom sessions cover physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges. Workshops include breakout sessions for small group sharing.

Connect with us to learn the skills and tools to accept help gracefully.



We’ll explore the difficulty of accepting help as we age and how to overcome it. Topics include accepting assistance, strengthening support networks, and finding peace. Sessions include small group discussions.

Bring a journal!

All events are at 11:00 a.m. ET:

1. Tuesday, June 25 - Session 1: Accepting Help Gracefully: The Physical Dance of Interdependence  – In this session participants will be invited to:

  • Consider the physical challenges you are facing or anticipate that may require a form of assistance as another lifetime transition.
  • Learn what it means to “sage” as we age.
  • Identify barriers to accepting help and possibilities for moving past them.
  • Suggest what “graceful acceptance” may look like.
  • Ponder what you have to look forward to, to fear, and to be curious about.

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2. Tuesday, July 2 - Session 2: Accepting Help Gracefully: The Dance of The Mind  – In this session participants will be invited to:

  • Consider the mental models that feed resistance to accepting care from others (e.g. better to give than to receive).
  • Explore the potential for developing a sense of mutuality and trust building in the caregiver/receiver relationship.
  • Suggest strategies for handling some of the practical issues, including your finances, your home, important documents and technology.
  • Ponder what your “very best self” looks like as a receiver of care.

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3. Tuesday, July 9 - Session 3: Accepting Help Gracefully: The Dance of the Heart  – In this session participants will be invited to:

  • Consider your relationship to solitude and to community.
  • Identify your social and support networks.
  • Practice gratitude and explore the need for forgiveness of self and others.
  • Ponder the legacy you hope to leave to others.

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4. Tuesday, July 16Session 4: Accepting Help Gracefully: The Dance of the Spirit  – In this session participants will be invited to:

  • Clarify your priorities.
  • Nurture your intuition.
  • Enjoy a kvetch!
  • Practice letting go.
  • Provide feedback and continuing questions.

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